Since 2000 we has provided engineering consultancy services in the field of civil and structural engineering. The firm is 100% Bumiputera and managed by a team of experienced, dedicated and motivated Professional Engineers.

The company is committed to provide consulting engineering services to both public and private sector agencies. Therefore, we are ready to provide multidisciplinary services of all kinds if infrastructure and facilities in resolving any engineering challenges, in relating to planning, design, construction/project management, and maintenance of infrastructure and building, and in other related fields.

We recognize the client’ requirements of consistent top quality services and commitment. We are therefore committed to perform our duty with full dedication and responsibility, serving the clients with innovative and appropriate solution that are functional, flexible and cost effective without compromising on quality.

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Our Team

Our team comprises local experienced in the engineering field of civil, structural, bridges, geotechnical, highway, water supply and treatment plants, sewerage and related engineering subject to provide a comprehensive in-house co-ordination and interfacing of any engineering activities.

Our staff are well-trained with vast experienced to handle and perform their duties and well-equipped with latest technology to achieve maximum productivity and quality.

Our Clients